Mazda MX5 Mark 2

Made to measure, quality luggage for your Mazda MX5 Mark 2.

For the Mark 2 model we offer a 6 piece bespoke luggage set which consists of a suit/dress cover, a 21” and a 17” fully lined suitcase. A hard based holdall, that comes with one end pocket and a detachable shoulder strap.

A small travel bag, perfectly sized to use alternatively as a shoe bag and to complete the set we add a fully insulated bottle bag.


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  1. Do you manufacture bespoke bags which are waterproof to go on the boot lid. Many thanks Darrell Higham

  2. I have 1 bag (that is half of a matched pair) used as an ‘overnight’ designed for use with a very specific ultra light aircraft. It is proving impossible to acquire any more of these.
    Though thy are an unusual shape ( to fit into the curved bottom of the machine), might it me possible to make a pair, L & R, in a style / finish akin to those seen for for example an MX5 – certainly in that type of material ?

    I have a few photographs, but better than that, I could get one of the original bags to you.


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